Saturday, December 28, 2013

Speech Templates for the Father of the Groom Speech

Father of the Groom Speech
In this article I want to present you, briefly, the basic template for the father of the groom speech. It looks like I didn't say anything till now about the wedding toasts order, so before I begin describing the steps that you should follow when you prepare you speech, I'll talk first about the order of toasts at a wedding, because I consider this to be quite important and everyone involved in the wedding ceremony should know it. As you probably know, the one that gives the opening speech is the father of the bride, because he's the guest of the event (usually the bride's family is the one that pays for the wedding and takes care of most of the setup, so they're considered the hosts of the event). Next, you're the one that gives the following speech and after you comes the groom and the best man. These are the most common 4 speeches you'll find at any wedding. Beside these, there are also another 4 that aren't present in every ceremony, it depends more on the culture/country/tradition: mother of the bride, mother of the groom bride and maid of honor.
So, as you can see, you (the father of the groom) are the one that gives the second speech. This is ok, because the difficult part is done by the bride's father with the opening toast, so it takes off some pressure of you. Here's the basic template for your speech:

1. Thank the bride's parents

You should always start by thanking the bride's parents for the wedding setup, for their effort to prepare this wonderful wedding. Also, thank bride's father for the opening speech.

2. Thank the guests

Next, you should thank to everybody that made it to the wedding. Some of them came from far distance so they'll feel their effort to make it to the wedding is appreciated, so make sure you thank everybody for being present at your son's wedding.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Father of the Bride Speech Template

Although this blog will focus more on father of the groom speech examples and ideas, I thought I could share some tips for the bride's father also, since the template of the wedding toast is somehow similar. If your daughter is getting married, you have to prepare a speech for her wedding, no matter how much you hate it or now. I know, giving a speech can be a difficult task, especially if it's your first one, but don't worry, it's not as scary as it seems. You just have to make a plan of action and create your speech based on a template, and that's what I'll show you in this article.

Father of the bride speech template

If you didn't know that already, you're the one that has the opening speech at the wedding ceremony. Usually, in most traditions, the bride's father pays for the whole wedding and takes care of everything, that's why, as a host, he has to give the first speech. This makes it a bit difficult than the other speeches, simply because you set the tone of the wedding. So prepare thoroughly in advance, because you need to make it right. Here are the points that you should follow in your toast.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Father of the Groom Speech Example & Tips

Wedding Speech Order

Father of the Groom Speech Example
There are different traditions as far as wedding speech order is concerned. Some people respect one type of order, while others prefer to change this order. Generally, it’s for the maid of honor and the best man to open the wedding speeches. Regardless of this – whether they are to begin or only to speak later – the following speeches are the bride’s parents’ speeches and then the groom’s parents’ speeches.
Having that said, you will probably be the 3rd or 5th person to speak. That’s important because it gives you additional time to feel more relaxed and then you can even be inspired or make references to the other speeches you just heard.

Father of the Groom Speech Example

To proceed with our presentation, we will now include a simple father of the groom speech example. This template is not a fixed rule, many elements of the speech presented here can be changed if it’s required. However, regardless of the changes you make, remember to be original and remember to keep your family in mind, to keep your son’s desires and character in mind while speaking.
“Dear guests,
I am very proud of my son today and so happy to give this speech. Thanks everybody for being here, it’s a wonderful atmosphere and no words can describe the real values and happiness that can be felt here. I appreciate that even with many efforts, some of you made it after long hours of traveling.