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Father of the Bride Speech Template

Although this blog will focus more on father of the groom speech examples and ideas, I thought I could share some tips for the bride's father also, since the template of the wedding toast is somehow similar. If your daughter is getting married, you have to prepare a speech for her wedding, no matter how much you hate it or now. I know, giving a speech can be a difficult task, especially if it's your first one, but don't worry, it's not as scary as it seems. You just have to make a plan of action and create your speech based on a template, and that's what I'll show you in this article.

Father of the bride speech template

If you didn't know that already, you're the one that has the opening speech at the wedding ceremony. Usually, in most traditions, the bride's father pays for the whole wedding and takes care of everything, that's why, as a host, he has to give the first speech. This makes it a bit difficult than the other speeches, simply because you set the tone of the wedding. So prepare thoroughly in advance, because you need to make it right. Here are the points that you should follow in your toast.
First, you will thank everybody that present at the wedding. Some friends or relatives came from a long way, so they'll feel better if they know you apreciate the effort, so make sure to thank them all for being there.

Next, you should introduce yourself, especially if there are many people that you don't know or don't know you. This is the case when the groom invites lots of friends and relatives from his social circle that you didn't meet yet. So make sure to introduce yourself as the father of the bride.

Next comes the best part of the speech, where you get to talk about the bride. You should first compliment her and let her know that this is a very happy moment for you, knowing that she's getting married and starting her own family.

Then you can tell a few stories about her, maybe some funny moments from her childhood, but make sure you don't go too far with that. Make sure the stories are funny, but don't embarrass her.

Next, you should welcome the groom into your family and say a few nice words about him. For example you can tell how was the first time when your daughter brought him home and introduced him to you, how you get along and other stuff like that. Also, you should compliment his parents for raising such a wonderful man and welcome them into your family.

You will close the speech by raising the glass and proposing a toast to the bride and the groom and wishing them a happy marriage and a wonderful life together. In the end, you can use a funny closing line or maybe give them a piece of good advice about marriage or maybe share a wisdom quote.

This is the traditional father of the bride speech template that you should follow when you write your own speech. Of course, you can adapt it and personalize it, but make sure not to make it too long, because it should be under 1000 words, or less than 5-7 minutes. Good luck!

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