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Father of the Groom Speech Example & Tips

Wedding Speech Order

Father of the Groom Speech Example
There are different traditions as far as wedding speech order is concerned. Some people respect one type of order, while others prefer to change this order. Generally, it’s for the maid of honor and the best man to open the wedding speeches. Regardless of this – whether they are to begin or only to speak later – the following speeches are the bride’s parents’ speeches and then the groom’s parents’ speeches.
Having that said, you will probably be the 3rd or 5th person to speak. That’s important because it gives you additional time to feel more relaxed and then you can even be inspired or make references to the other speeches you just heard.

Father of the Groom Speech Example

To proceed with our presentation, we will now include a simple father of the groom speech example. This template is not a fixed rule, many elements of the speech presented here can be changed if it’s required. However, regardless of the changes you make, remember to be original and remember to keep your family in mind, to keep your son’s desires and character in mind while speaking.
“Dear guests,
I am very proud of my son today and so happy to give this speech. Thanks everybody for being here, it’s a wonderful atmosphere and no words can describe the real values and happiness that can be felt here. I appreciate that even with many efforts, some of you made it after long hours of traveling.
I’d like to say that I truly enjoyed one of the things that the best man, John, mentioned a couple of minutes ago. He said that when two people join in marriage, then all things change into good because these two people complete each other’s lives in perfect harmony. I couldn't agree more! That’s how every marriage is supposed to work and I know that my son and his beautiful bride also agree with this.
So my son, Alex, is a brave man. Yes, I mean that, literally. I remember that – speaking of most recent events that occurred – 5 men came to attack Julie, but Alex stood up for her and although his arm got to be broken, he managed to chase away all 5 men. Yes, I appreciate the courage from the heart of my son. I don’t say that I have no courage, but my son definitely has a lot more than I do.
Okay, let me tell you a short story. When Alex was 12 years old, that was the first time I understood how someone with the force and the character of a roaring lion could have a heart like a little bunny. Alex was never bullied, because he had a strong character. However, he stood up for his weaker friends and chose not to bully them. Everybody respected my son, not because they were afraid of him or something, they showed their respect because they valued the uniqueness and the purity of my son, which was completely reflected by his daily behavior. Alex never said a bad word about anyone, not even the people who considered him an enemy.
Then, by the age of 17, Julie came into his life. Even from a first glance I realized that is something I really like about Julie. Okay Peter, stop laughing, I love my wife and I didn’t look at Julie that way! Now, seriously, besides all jokes Julie was special and still is. Isn’t she? Look at her face – she is shining like a bright star, it’s her happiness and it’s the reflection of how amazing she is! So I can definitely say that these young love-birds have truly found a perfect match in each other. I am proud of them!
I must also say that I am thankful to Julie’s parents, because they were the ones to raise Julie and take care of her, until Alex now takes responsibilities in his own hands as her husband.
One thing I’d like to teach you guys, though. You know, there are delicate situations when finances or other details don’t seem to work out as planned. Don’t forget that you are bond in the holiness of true love and marriage, so don’t overreact, try to understand each other and the situation.
Let us now toast to the happiness of Alex and Julie!”

3 Tips for the Father of the Groom Speech

Did you enjoy reading the speech example above? I sincerely hope you did, as they are great ideas. To complete the picture for you, I will now share 3 valuable tips for your father of the groom speech:
  1. Be as relaxed as you are when you know something great is coming (beer, coffee, a football game – think of anything you enjoy). Being relaxed enables you to have maximal confidence and thus have a great father of the groom speech without too special efforts.
  2. Use any type of creativity in the speech, especially if it’s suitable and potentially welcome. For these parts I recommend discussing with your wife and other women as well.
  3. Keep a glass of water or champagne during the actual speech. Why you should do that? It helps you loosen up and feel more confident, also helps you with an adequate body language.

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